Our list of services includes gas installations, so we are taking care of the quality and of the performance.

In addition to the so-called liquefied petroleum gas, UNP, the distribution network for natural gas is growing.

Gas, with coal and other solid fuels, is a form of energy that can be directly used. It is ecologically the most acceptable fossil fuel.

Benefits of Installing Gas Appliances:

  • • Low energy price
  • • No need for local storage of energy (natural gas)
  • • For domestic and sanitary water heating use compact design boilers so that the dimensions and design fit into kitchen furniture
  • • High usability
  • • The façade instalation of the boiler is independent of the room air, and does not have to be connected to the chimney
  • • Low exhaust temperature
  • • Possible application in the rest of the household

Gas in households can meet 80-85% of energy needs (heating, cooking, hot water preparation). You can opt for conventional condensing wall units or a boiler that can be combined with DHW tanks.

The gas installation we recommend are Vaillant and Viessmann.